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Blog Notes - June 1, 2022

As we venture into the warm, sun-filled months of summer we have multiple reasons to celebrate. From Father's Day to US holidays such as Flag Day and Independence Day to events such as school's out and it's vacation time. The outdoor barbeque will be working full time and we may get our fill of hot dogs, hamburgers, and pasta salads. Popsicles and watermelon will make the rounds while trips to the beach tend to increase.

While we enjoy these wonderful, seemingly idyllic days life goes on as normal. As you enter into summer let these and other occasions and events guide you in your painting. Lift a brush and try letting what you see shape what you paint. Maybe a watermelon slice close up or a wee one splashing in the surf. The choice is yours. Let summer appear in your artwork.

This issue brings you some information about paintbrushes and a look at some historical summer paintings. Marie-Lou Denis brings us a great project for Father's Day. Be sure to check out our Promoting Painting sponsors.

Happy Summer!

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