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Blog Notes June 15, 2019

A beautiful summer day and summer isn't even here yet. For me it inspires creativity in a way no other season can. I have to admit, summer is my favorite time of year. Of course, I am usually painting Halloween and Christmas at that time. If I had to chose my favorite things to paint, I'd have to say Halloween. I love the color palette. What about you? What is your favorite season to paint? Do you go for the traditional palette for Christmas or are Easter pastels your thing? Do you step outside the box and give a new zing to an old thing? Feel free to share!

As summer hits it brings with it the final HOOT convention. (Heart of Ohio Tole)

Running earlier this year in July, it will be sad to say goodbye. This issue of the blog has a great project for a badge holder for your next convention.

Resizing a pattern can be fun... not! Check out this months blog article that tries to explain how it's done. Hopefully it succeeds!

Have a wonderful summer, paint much and take time to enjoy!


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