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Blog Notes - June 15, 2021

Ah, summer has arrived. (Technically not until June 20 but...) Much warmth and needed rain I have felt and seen the last week or two. All new flowers are blooming in season, while others await their turn. It is my favorite season to experience. What's yours?

This issue takes us on a journey, from the oceans that provide sustenance to the land of Italy.

Our ocean foray takes us to meet our favorite crustacean, the lobster. A long-time favorite of painters, it's time to celebrate Lobster Day!

Continuing on our journey, we head to Italy to view some magnificent paintings of a beautiful country.

Our featured artist, Anita Campanella brings us a fun project that may just inspire some Italian cooking!

Be sure to see all the new activities going on in our Promoting Painting section. While you are there, be sure to click through and visit our sponsors. Show them a little love.

Attention, designers needed! For both the magazine and the blog. Send magazine inquiries (photos only) to, send blog requests to The blog now pays $75 for submission. Use the guide below to help you reach your designing potential.

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