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Blog Notes June 15, 2022

Summer arrives in less than a week. The celebrations have begun. School's out and the cookouts are sending waves of delicious smells across the neighborhood. Fireworks are just around the corner. Flip-flops have replaced tennis shoes, shorts appear instead of jeans, and tank tops show off bare arms looking for a tan. How has your summer begun? Looking for some summery projects? Look no further...

Debby Forshey-Choma has provided us with the most delightful firework scene, done in her distinct style. Dig out that surface and those brushes!

Check out the short pictorial essay about fireworks in the mail, it's very illuminating.

Take a look at conventions in our mini-article, What's Up with Conventions.

Finally, be sure to give all our designer supporters and creative companies a look in our Promoting Painting section.

Happy Summer Smiles!

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