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Blog Notes June 22, 2020

Our last few issues have brought you a taste of summer. We have looked at the birds of summer and beachy things. All inspired by the annual journey we take into what, for some, is their favorite season to enjoy. This issue we are dedicating to pink or rather, that beautiful pink bird, the flamingo.

Robyn Smith, new to the blog, has provided the most endearing pair of flamingos in a fun pattern. Be sure to take a look and give her design a go!

A few tidbits of project information...

I have started including the original WORD file from the designer at the bottom of each project.

In most instances, you need to save each photo separately. They are usually not in the WORD file.

Projects are only contracted for 30 days. After that, they revert back to the author/artist. They can be removed from the blog. Be sure to save a project if you plan to do it later. After it disappears from the blog you need to contact the designer.

Call for Artists! I'm looking for some fun, easy projects for the blog. Christmas in July, Everyday and Halloween. Day of the Dead and more Steampunk. Looking for painting,

mixed media, just about anything. It's your time to shine!

Email me at .

Happy Summer!

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