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Blog Notes March 1, 2020

Spring is in the air, daylight saving time is just around the corner and March 19 marks the first day of spring. Easter is later this year, making its arrival on April 12, 2020. It looks like it is time for all things spring...bunnies and birds, flowers and sunshine.

In this issue, Pamela Cassidy gives us the second installment in a four-part series, be sure to see what her cardinals are up to next with 'U + Me + 3'.

Looking forward this month, Vera Collier gives us a wonderful spring project and Linda Lineman shares a fun and useful tile project. Be sure to watch for our next twp spring flavored issues.

Our art journal challenge is still ongoing. I would love to see more reader participation.

It's your chance to share your experiences with art journaling.

It seems the season also brings the dreaded 'spring cleaning' with it. While there is no doubt the whole house will benefit, my studio especially needs to see some of that magic from the 'cleaning' fairy. If only she really did exist! On the other hand, maybe I should be careful what I wish for. There is something to be said for the organized chaos that is my studio.

Be sure to check out our sponsors in the Promoting Painting section. You will find new products as well as the classics.


New cover photo - Pixabay.Com

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