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Blog Notes - March 1, 2021

March has arrived. It's a sunny day here as I write this. The light glistens across the water in the pond. The birds are singing and a gentle breeze blows across the lawn I'm ready. Time to put away the sweaters and the boots, bring out the short sleeves and walking shoes.

Paint wise, for me, it's time to clean the studio and get back to work after a winter lull. I tend to be lazy in January and February, maybe due to diminished sunshine, maybe I'm just lazy. Now's the time to make up for it. What are your plans for Spring?

Creativity is inspired with Effie's fun project, Create. I just may have to paint one up for my studio!

Today is National Pig Day...check out our art of pigs article, it will get you 'oink'ing!

Happy Spring!

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