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Blog Notes - March 1, 2023

1/6! Two months down and now March is upon us. Spring is gonna 'sprung' real quick. Look at all the fun things March gives us to celebrate before it does...

This list is far from complete but I picked out some interesting ones, you can find more by doing an online search for March Holidays.

Today we celebrate both National Pig Day and Peanut Butter Lovers Day!

March 6 is National Oreo Cookies Day.

March 7 is National cereal Day.

March 8 brings us one of my personal favorites... National Proofreading Day. (Perfect for an editor!)

March 11 is Jonny Appleseed Day.

March 12th brings us Daylight Savings time.

March 14 is National Pi Day.

St. Patrick is celebrated on March 17.

Earth Day is on March 20 as is the first day of spring.

It's fun to look at all the fun 'holidays' that have been created. What are you celebrating this month?

This issue of the blog brings a fun Easter pattern from Phyllis Spaw, just in time to paint for the holiday. Easter is April 9th this year.

We have good news, we are bringing back the art journal challenges, starting next issue. This issue has a few refreshers and links to previous challenges.

We also have a participation request, be sure to check to see what we are looking for under the Ideas tab.


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