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Blog Notes - March 12, 2021

Hello and welcome to another beautiful, almost Spring day! The sun is shining and coaxing those buds out a bit more each day. St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner as is Daylight Savings Time. I have to admit, loving sunshine the way I do, I'm all in!

This issue of the blog brings a lovely Magnolia pattern from Sivanvitha Juturu. Big and bold, it's a great project.

As I mentioned earlier, St. Patrick's Day is days away so I've gone looking for some green artwork to entertain you.

Our Promoting Painting section is ever-growing, be sure to take a look.

Did you know we now do a daily post? From little tidbits of information to inspiring photos, it's a bit of mostly art-related fun! Complete with a daily quote to inspire or at least make you think.

I've added our editorial calendar and a link to our designer newsletter below for new and established designers. There is no time like the present...submit now!

Magazine submissions -

Blog submissions -

Happy spring!

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