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Blog Notes - March 2, 2022

With spring moving ever closer what better way to 'hop to it' than bunnies! Cute, cuddly and downright adorable, bunnies inspire us in ways we may never have thought of. First, they do inspire that protective just want to pick them up and cuddle and love. Secondly who doesn't love even a stuffed bunny, one with big old feet and button eyes. Great pets and great to paint too. Hopefully this issue will inspire you. (Editor's note - 'Sorry Anya!')

Let's grab our paints and brushes and paint some bunnies. We have a pictorial essay, a 'Fluffle of Bunnies' that is sure to spark creativity. Along with a fun little poem, I can see those bunnies multiplying already.

Amanda Novaes, whose awesome designs always include multiple photos and a time lapse video, brings us one of the cutest bunnies yet.

As always but ever improved, be sure to visit with our Promoting Painting partners.

Happy Spring!

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