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Blog Notes! May 16, 2019

Mid May... we are gearing up for summer. Summer vacation, summer ball games, summer picnics. So much to do in a few short months and boy, do we manage to do it!

For those who lift the brushes, some of us are painting up a storm, getting ready for all those upcoming shows where we can sell our art. Some are painting Halloween and Christmas while others are doing flowers and watermelons, birds and bunnies. Enjoy YOUR summer!

Viki Sherman has given us an awesome design this month. What speaks to summer more than a light house? Be sure to check out Choose to Shine! in this issue.

We continue our series on Painting with Style with a visit to the Post-Impressionism era. It makes me all starry-eyed!

I am still watching for submissions to the Creative Challenge monthly projects. Send your photos of your finished challenge to Diane at

One more thought... Comments

Comments can be very beneficial in so many different ways. On the blog we offer the availability to comment on each post. I want to hear what you have to say. If you like a design or an article, tell us. If you have a suggestion for the next challenge or Painting with Style, let us know. Feel free to just say hello, if that's what you want. 

For technical or service comments, please check out our website.


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