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Blog Notes November 1, 2020

Halloween has ended and it's time for the day after. After a rousing, fun-filled weekend with the 'grands,' it's time to get back to work and get ready for the upcoming holiday season.

This season, which many look forward to all year round includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's celebrations.

While the first is typically an American holiday other countries, such as Canada, celebrate their own Thanksgiving, although on different dates.

Thanksgiving brings us a bounty of food, family, friends, and blessings. Paintings inspired by this holiday can include everything from pumpkins and cornucopia to turkeys and family!

Christmas brings us a holiday full of reverence for its origins and the fun-filled decorating and gift-giving of the season. The painting subjects here are so very numerous, from Snowmen and Santas to nativities and decorations from many cultures.

Topping it all off is New Year's Eve, which leads into the brand new sparkling year. Perhaps this upcoming year will be kinder to the world than the last. I envision paintings that inspire a new awakening, a look to the future.

Whatever you decide to paint in the upcoming months may your holidays be the merriest, alight with hope and love!

Look for the first in a duo of lovely ornaments from Sammie Crawford this issue. The second will appear in a December issue.

Ever paint animals? Our pictorial essay is meant to inspire you to let the animal inside your mind decorate the canvas.

Don't forget to check out the Promoting Painting section to see what these suppliers have to offer.

Let's get started...

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