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Blog Notes - November 1, 2023

As Halloween gives way to fall another lesser-known holiday sneaks its way into the beginning of November. Did you know that November 1 and 2 are traditionally the days of the celebration of Dia De Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead? Mainly celebrated in Mexico it has grown in popularity among other cultures. A celebration meant to honor the dead and reunite the living, it is a very colorful and meaningful observance. Learn more about it in the links below...

It seems as if a whirlwind grasps us now through the end of December with all the holidays and celebrations that occur. It's no wonder the winter months following December are so slow... we need the time to recoup. Whatever your holiday plans in the next two months may they be happy ones! I'm sure many are finishing up or working on painting those beautiful holiday gifts. Tis' the season!

As 2024 looms over the horizon we here at Painting World Magazine are diligently working on the upcoming APC Expo in June of next year. Hard to believe we are only eight months away from what we hope will be a fun new yearly event for painters and art and craft lovers everywhere. This issue brings you a teaser of some of the upcoming classes. a random selection of just a few of the many classes that will be offered. Keep checking the website for updates. The work on the catalog is progressing nicely and we hope to bring it to you soon.

In this issue, we begin the journey into the Christmas season with a fun snowman gourd by Eliana Castellazzi.

Unfortunately, the art journal challenge is still on hold for a bit...there just aren't enough hours in the day. If you have any suggestions for future art journal challenges please fell free to email me. I was also considering a surface place of a journal we would play with different surfaces. What say you?

Start your Christmas shopping early with our Promoting painting partners...we have the perfect gifts for so supplies and patterns for your favorite artist...purchase art kits or a class to inspire others like your children or grandchildren...some of the vendors sell finished gifts too. So much for so many.


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