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Blog Notes November 11, 2011

It's official... the snow has struck the areas to the north. It's time to bring out the sleds, pull on the woolen scarves, and those warm mittens. While I sit here in warm weather, it was 70 today, I like to think I miss those fluffy white frozen flakes of art. To be honest, I don't. Perhaps I might on Christmas Day, time will tell. Wait, I will be in the great white north for Christmas so maybe I'll get to enjoy a snowy holiday!

As the festive season looms closer, we are just getting started with our holiday decorating. Plans for Thanksgiving dinner and then Christmas feasts have been on the drawing board for a while already. Some are planning traditional holiday fare while others are stepping out of their comfort zones and trying something new. Some of us have finished our shopping while others will wait until the last possible minute.

As painters, we are varied in our pursuits. The ones who do the arts and crafts shows have been painting snowmen and Santa for a while now. Those who paint for gifts might well be finishing that special piece just now. Designers could be working on pieces for this summer or even next winter. Best of all, we are all doing something we love.

This issue of the PWM Blog brings you a start for the holidays. we start with a little story about gnomes, who seem to be all the rage right now. Next comes a holiday recipe challenge that I hope a lot of you will participate in. Alise Duerr shares her talents and gives us another wonderful project using colored pencils.

*On a special note...we have been experiencing technical difficulties with the newsletter. If you have gotten multiple emails, please be patient, we are working with our provider to fix the problem.

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