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Blog Notes November 12. 2020

Aw, the crisp crunch you hear while walking across a frosted fall yard. For some reason, it is so satisfying. The same can be said of walking among the fallen leaves. Many claim Fall as their favorite season. The smells that accompany the season are often enticing too, what with the odd combination of decaying leaves and ripening apples, pumpkin spice, and cider. The look adds to it, with colorful leaves and baring branches, the glorious riot of flowers that bloom in the Fall. It all comes together for a very distinct season.

Is it any wonder it is a favorite subject for the decorative artist? From painting to mixed media, floral arranging to pastels...there are multiple sources for the subject matter. Feel free to share what you paint for Fall... Put FALL in the subject box.

SHOUT OUT to designers, old and new...I have some space available in the blog for next year. I am open to just about anything you would like to submit. While I am providing the editorial for the magazine as a guide, my dates differ slightly. Please send me your designs!

It's almost time for Thanksgiving here in the states....get ready to gooble!


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