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Blog Notes - November 15, 2023

It would seem the colder temperatures of fall and winter have crept into the area I call home. As I type this I sit enjoying the heat from the fireplace. Granted, it is much warmer than my previous abode but it seems I feel the cold easier than ever before. As I enjoy the warm and toasty feeling it brings about thoughts of the upcoming holidays. I'm sure many of you have your gifts ready to go, whether hand-painted or store-bought. I am one of those last-minute people, especially for store-bought but I do seem to be getting there, albeit slowly.

For those who love to paint ornaments, we have a treat for you this issue. Debby Forshey-Choma has a wonderful new design just in time to get it painted for the tree or as a gift. With her unique style and design aspects, it's a winner!

Take the beginning of a tour through the Art of the Presidency. Beginning with two artists and hopefully continuing into a series this look at residing artists in the White House may surprise you.

Shop, shop, shop...for more wonderful gifts both for painters and others be sure to check out our Promoting Painting page. Tell them we sent you!

The APC Expo is coming along nicely and the catalog is progressing. Exhibitors are signing up and the list of creative craft classes is growing. Hopefully, you will see more of all of this soon. Remember, patience is a virtue. Be virtuous!

Holiday Smiles!

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