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Blog Notes November 22, 2019

I write this issue of the blog, being fortunate while vacationing with my family, in the sunny climate of Florida, in the most magical place on earth. At this point everywhere you look you see Christmas!

It has been so inspiring and makes me want to rush home and decorate.

I long to dig into my paints, pull out my brushes and create some Christmas memories. Shades of the holiday are everywhere. Red's greens, silvers, and golds. How can you not be drawn int the splendor of the holidays?!

This issue brings you a little of that magic with a fun gingerbread project from Debbie Huska,

a fun little article looking at gingerbread and it's evolution and the first reply to our recipe challenge from reader Tina Bos. Feel free to send me your recipe to share!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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