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Blog Notes October 1, 2019

Can you feel that? The chill of goosebumps, the hair raising on the back of your neck? Did you hear that? A bump in the night, a screech in the wind? Did you see that, something flew across the moon? Yep, it's that time again! Halloween is coming! October 31st marks the fun celebration also known as All Hallow's Eve!

Sometimes misunderstood, Halloween is thought to have originated with the old Celtic celebration of Samhain, where the folk would wear costumes to frighten off ghosts. Various cultures celebrate this holiday and have added their own touches to it.

I love to paint for Halloween! The colors just thrill me, with those vibrant purples and smoky oranges, the glowing yellows and somber blacks.

This issue is the first of three this month celebrating Halloween. We've got a wonderful and fun Halloween project each issue, coming from three awesome designers. Up first we have Viki Sherman with 'I'd Turn Back if I were You!"

I'd like to thank those of you who have started commenting on the posts in the blog. We need feedback to keep you happy as readers. Be sure to let us know what you think, share whatever resonates with you in an article. Share a photo of your work, whether from a presented project or one of the articles inspirations. There is a place below each article to comment.

If you have other comments unrelated to any article or project, please email me at . Tell me what you like or don't like, give me suggestions for future articles, I'm waiting to hear from you!


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