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Blog Notes - October 1, 2021

As the seasons pass, one into the other, we adjust our schedules and change our palettes. For those who paint, the color choices created by nature are often those that inspire us to lift those brushes. Surrounded by the colors of fall, I am excited to play with all the hues, to see where my brush can take me. What are you painting for fall?

This issue brings us a fun little ghost, all about playing, from Amanda Novaes. Complete with video. This is a fun project you don't want to miss!

We have a fun look at the art of spiderwebs. What can be more abstract? The complexities of the web have long inspired artists. Add a few spiderly quotes and you are all ready for some 'sticky' inspiration.

Our Promoting Painting section is growing, be sure to see what fun new things are out there.


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