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Blog Notes - October 1, 2022

Goodbye September, hello October. The fall breeze is growing a bit cooler, even here in the south. Depending on your location, your fall walk could be amongst a forest beginning to glow with color, with a chill wind and the crisp smell of Autumn or it could be along a sandy beach, with the tourists all gone and winter creeping nearer. Perhaps your walk takes you out on a warmer fall day in a dryer climate. We hail from all over and fall can differ from place to place. Yet somehow the feeling of joy and relaxation as the harvest is brought in and Halloween nears seems to be something most of us still get to enjoy. For me, the time for cozy sweaters, leather boots, and hot lattes says fall.

Halloween is so close now, a month away. With it comes the fun of decorating, wearing costumes, and trick or treating. Marvelous Halloween parties with tureens of hot apple cider and powered donuts, dunking for apples, and playing party games are soon to be had. Painting for the holiday can be very enjoyable with the awesome color palette that the holiday offers. This issue brings an adorable and fun pattern from Kole Hunt. It brings about memories of a Halloween of the past, running along to the next house for the next treat and often running past that scary old house on the corner.

Be sure to check out our Promoting painting partners, lots of goodies are to be had.

Personally, I hope to see some of you at the NET convention in Marlborough, Ma in October.

Not only will I be there (in the Oil Creek Originals booth) but Viking Woodcrafts and Painting World magazine are also exhibiting along with quite a few of the designers you have seen both here on the blog and in Painting World Magazine. Be sure to stop and say hello!



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