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Blog Notes October 22, 2019

Soon the last trick-or-treater will be well on his way to an over indulgence of candy, the jack 'o lanterns and ghosts will be replaced with corn stalks and pumpkins, Halloween wreaths will be taken down and Indian corn will hang as welcome at the doors.

Thanksgiving is well on it’s way. We replace our Halloween palette with our fall one, exchanging the brighter oranges and purples for more subdued, warm shades. Varying shades of golds and browns team with the burnt shades of oranges and the somber shades of purples and plums. Together they form the paintings of maybe a harvest field or an apple orchard, sunflowers in the afternoon or a crisp fall walkway.

We are so lucky to be inspired by the beauty that fall brings. As we lay the foundations of a great painting, we should take the time to enjoy the season. Take that walk among the fallen leaves, let the crisp fall breeze whisk you into a moment to remember. Perhaps to paint.

Happy Fall!

In this issue we have a wonderfully fun pattern from Vera Collier, say hello to Happy Jack!

If you are a teacher, a vendor, a designer, or one of many of the companies that support this industry and the wonderful world of painting... be sure to check out our new Promoting Painting in every issue.

For advertising information...Contact Diane at for ad sizes and pricing. (We reserve the right to refuse or reject unrelated or inappropriate content.)

Next month we will start celebrating the season...Christmas that is. I have a feeling it's going to be 'gourd'geous!

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