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Blog Notes October 22, 2020

As winter looms closer, autumn refuses to let go. Halloween is just around the corner. The frost is thicker and occurs a bit more often, at least in the northern climes.

Some of us have our gifts all wrapped for Christmas while some of us are just beginning the quest for the perfect gifts.

How lucky are we that we can create that gift for the right someone?

“In a world where news of inhumanity bombards our sensibilities, where grasping for things goes so far beyond our needs, where time is squandered in busyness, it is a pleasure and a privilege to pause for a look at handiwork, to see beauty amidst utility, and to know that craft traditions begun so long ago serve us today.”

John Wilson

This issue brings you a fun look at the art of Mexico, with the Dia De Los Muertos celebrations starting on October 31 and running through November 2 I thought it fit.

The Art Journal Challenge continues it's 'recipe' challenge along with an extra this issue.

Elisabetta De Maria gives us the first in her two-part series of adorable penguins. Frosty will melt your hearts!

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and are enjoying the fall season. A little hot apple cider and a pumpkin donut...sounds good. Just be sure not to dip your paintbrush in your cider!


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