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Blog Notes September 1, 2019

It's that time...pumpkin this and pumpkin that...pour me that latte, I am ready! The fall arts & crafts shows are starting. Shows across the country are themed with pumpkins, apples , the fall harvest. It really does get you in the mood for those crisp autumn days and those cozy, warm apple cider evenings. Pull out those long sleeves and stylish boots, grab a scarf and head on down to the local festival. While you are there, take the time to inhale the scents of the season, let your eyes drown in the spectacular colors of fall. Talk to the artist with the amazing array of hand painted landscapes that pull you into their locality, start a conversation with the painter who has lovingly created those adorable scarecrows. Admire the warm golden colors of the sunflower arrangements in the next booth. Be inspired by all the arts and crafts that surround you and let that inspiration lead you into a

realm of possibility. While you are there, don't forget to try those most awesome art forms known as apple dumplings and candy apples and caramel apples...the list goes on.

This issue of the blog will take you from conventions to challenges, from painting groups to a want list.

There is an awesome new design from Viki Sherman, Blessings Basket. I just love this one, it so puts me in the mood for fall.

Enjoy this installment of the Painting World Magazine Blog. Be sure to tell your friends about it. They can subscribe via the Painting World Magazine website.


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