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Blog Notes - September 1, 2022

September has arrived. Cooler temperatures are arriving and the scent of fall is not far off.

Time to gear up on all of your fall painting and get ready for the Christmas season. Fall and Halloween are often some of the most colorful holidays to paint for, with the inspiration of the vibrancy of nature's bounty and the vivid palette of both seasons.

This issue of the blog starts with a look at some of the upcoming fall holidays, from around the world. From the start of fall through the beginning of December, there is much to be inspired by.

Then let's take a more detailed look at the decorative painting conventions coming soon. Unfortunately, the list isn't long. With the demise of so many of the decorative painting conventions we had grown to love and sorely miss, it is important to support the ones that have and do continue to bring us these experiences. Here's to attending your next convention!

Elisabetta De Maria brings us the cutest little design to add to our Halloween portfolio.

As usual, she delights us with her sense of whimsy.

Our Promoting Painters partners have much to offer. Be sure to visit and tell them the blog sent you!

Happy Fall!

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