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Blog Notes - September 1, 2023

Ahhh...the gentle days of Fall are ever near. The autumn equinox starts on September 23, 2023, here in the northern hemisphere. It heralds the arrival of pumpkin lattes and apple pie, and it means Halloween is getting closer! Many believe that Halloween is somehow evil or bad but it really isn' sure to go to this link to learn more about Halloween...

Halloween Origins

This issue continues our Halloween happenings here on the blog.

First, we have a reprint from our August 2019 painting World Magazine about the use of color in the Halloween palette.

Then the dare is on with part one of our September Art Journal challenge. Let's get spooky.

Onward we go to Debby Forshey-Choma's charming lighthouse project...feeling a bit mystical?!

As always our Promoting Painting partners have much to offer. Be sure to give them a shout-out, and tell them you saw their ad in the blog.

Don't forget that the August issue of the Painting World Magazine is now available and it is screamingly full of 13 wonderful projects for Halloween!



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