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Blog Notes - September 19, 2022

Hello! This issue of the blog has arrived, a bit late but nonetheless here it is. After a fun vacation with the grands I'm back at work and ready to go.

Upcoming decorative painting conventions include New England Traditions or NET, being held October 4th through the 9th in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and the OKC Painting Palooza, held October 22nd through the 29th in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Be sure to visit these conventions if you can, for them to continue they need your support.

In this issue... Take a trip into the magic of Halloween to inspire your creativity. Once you have done that be sure to check out the adorable designs coming to you from Eliana Castellazzi. They are 'gourd'geous! (Editor's note - They could also be easily adapted to wooden shapes or even lightbulbs.) Don't forget to the journey to visit all of our wonderful sponsors in our Promoting Painting section. It's worth the trip!

Have a wonderful beginning of your fall season and lookout, Halloween is coming fast!


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