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Blog Notes, September 22, 2019

The days of September have blown by, as if on the wings of one of those fall birds, mentioned in our last blog. It's hard to believe that Autumn starts tomorrow. I must admit I think I am ready for slightly cooler temperatures, longer sleeves and fashionable boots!

Much as I love the colors of the fall leaves, I hate to see them fall. If only the trees could hold them all winter long, how refreshing that burst of color coming through the snow would be.

As I get ready for a trip north in October, I am looking forward to the festivities of the fall season. A visit to a popular apple themed arts & crafts show, teaching a fun group on a day trip and visiting with friends, family and local looks to be a fun visit.

In this issue we bring you a new challenge, we talk about mini canvas art and showcase Phyllis Spaw's fun Halloween project. I have also added the 2020 editorial calendar for the blog. We are filling up fast and want you to submit!!!

Look for some great stuff, both here and in the magazine! Rumor has it the magazine has an awesome ornament issue coming up!


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