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Blog Notes September 22, 2020

It would seem, in the painting world, that we no sooner begin a season then it is time for the next. Although Fall technically just started today we are finishing our Fall offerings here on the blog and will begin with Winter and Christmas next month. While our schedule on the blog isn't as far ahead as the magazine, we still try to give you time to paint for the holidays!

I want to put a call out for new projects. I'd like you to follow the magazine's editorial for the blog too! My dates will run a bit differently and you will be given the correct dates for the blog when your submissions are accepted.

As we head further into 2020, we have much to anticipate. Hopefully, COVID will reach a place where we have less worry and more normalcy. I can't wait to share with you all the wonderful projects coming in the next three months. I am sure there is something to appeal to everyone.

To top off our Autumn adventures, Pamela Cassidy completes her four part series with Fun on the Farm, her lovable cardinals find adventure among the pumpkins!

Our Art Journal Challenge continues with some more leave photos and the next challenge for October. Get your brushes ready!


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