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Blog Notes - Thanksgiving Edition

It's time to pass the mashed potatoes and the gravy, pick out your favorite piece of turkey and save room for pumpkin pie! That is, of course, if you celebrate the traditional way.

Some may prefer tacos or pasta but it is truly not important what food you chose, so long as you are thankful.

As I think of things I am thankful for, there are the usual but important things like love and family. Adorable grands! Health comes in at the top too. I also am thankful for opportunities that allow me to work in the arts & crafts arena. From my design work to my writing I have been blessed, I have and do meet so many wonderful people through my work. (Sometimes I hate to call it work, I'm lucky to do what I enjoy!)

I do have to admit that the material side of me is thankful too! I walk into my studio and am so fortunate to have such a wonderful area to design in, great products to work with, and the most awesome ability to shut the door on the mess I frequently make!

As you celebrate your Thanksgiving may good health, love, and prosperity bless your family!

Be sure to check out Amanda's Gingerbread Still life project in this issue. She has even provided a Bonus video!!

Our Promoting Painting section is overflowing with some wonderful companies! Be

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