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Boo Fly!

By Amanda Novaes

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Wood Surface 5.5in x 7in (14cm x 17cm)

(Editor's Tip - Enlarge this pattern to use on a door plaque or paint on a canvas bag for an awesome Trick or Treat tote!)

Paints by Decoart® Americana

DA180 Asphaltum

DAO52 Avocado

DA257 Bleached Sand

DA227 Bright Yellow

DA227 Cocoa

DA334 Colonial Blue

DA166 Deep Midnight Blue

DA184 French Vanilla

DA194 Marigold

DAO68 Slate Grey

DA155 Soft Black

DA220 Traditional Raw Umber

DA190 Winter Blue

Mediums/ Decoart:

Americana acrylic sealer/finishers


Robert Simmons®

3/8, 1/4 Angle Sienna


4, 2, 1 Round – LaCorneille

18/0 script liner - LaCorneille

3/8, 1/4 Crescent

10/0 Filbert - LaCorneille

Royal & Langnickel®

4 round bristle – 355-4

Miscellaneous Supplies:

Masking tape or Frog® tape


Tracing paper

Graphite paper


Sand the wood surface and basecoat with Deep Midnight Blue.


Background: Trace the moon, tree, and horizon line. With a round brush add a diluted layer with Avocado. For the sky add a dry brush layer with Colonial Blue then shade the horizon line with the same color.

Moon: Basecoat is French Vanilla. Shade the left side with Bleached Sand. The shine around the moon was painted with a dry brush technique with Bleached Sand. Allow that the background color appears next to the moon shape.

Tree: Let’s use the round brush to add some texture. The strokes need to follow the shape of the tree and using Cocoa, a little bit diluted. Allow that the brush mark to show up. Repeat this process at least 3 times, if you think that need more feel free to do it. With Asphaltum add a diluted layer the same way. Let dry. Shade the right side of the trunk and the bottom of each branch with Traditional Raw Umber. On the top of each branch add a light area with Bleached Sand.

Owl: Use the Traditional Raw Umber to basecoat the Owl’s hollow. Trace the Owl shape. Use the Masking tape to cover the right side of the trunk. First, add a Cocoa layer just to balance the area that reaches the background color. Focusing on the body and the top of the head add a feather layer using a small filbert brush then shade next to the eyes area with Asphaltum. Shade the same area with Soft Black. Add the beak with Slate Grey then shade with Soft Black next to the eyes area.

For the eye area add an Asphaltum layer. With a small round brush add a Cocoa Layer following the shape of the eyes area. Then with a liner brush add the next layer with Bleached Sand. Stencil the eyeballs with Marigold and the pupil with Soft Black. Shade the top of the eyeball with Bright Yellow and the bottom with Asphaltum. Shade the bottom of the pupil with Lamp Black. With a liner brush add a contour line around the eyes then shade around it with Soft Black. Add the highlight of the eyes with Bleached Sand. Shade next to the right side of the hollow that is covering the owl. Use Asphaltum and then with Soft Black.

For the feet, the basecoat is Slate Grey. Shade with Charcoal Grey. The cast shadow of each finger is Soft Black. Nails are Slate Grey + Bleached Sand.

Swing Seat: To help with the seat use masking tape. Basecoat is Cocoa. Using the dry brush technique add some horizontal strokes with Asphaltum and Traditional Raw Umber. On the front angle of the seat add some Bleached Sand. On the top of the seat shade with Asphaltum and Traditional Raw Umber.

Rope: Basecoat is Slate Grey. Shade just one side of the rope with a round brush using Charcoal Grey color. Using a small angle shade each section of the rope using an “S” stroke. With a liner brush add a highlight line on each section of the rope. Shade each rope loop on the branch with Soft Black.

Ghost: One thing you need to know before you start painting is that the ghost is behind the rope and only the hands are in front. So, you can use masking tape to cover the rope. Using a bristle brush add a layer of Colonial Blue. The next layer is Winter Blue focusing on highlight areas (head, hands, and knees). Shade next to the hands and the rope with Deep Midnight Blue. Shade the highlight areas with Bleached Sand. Add a contour line on all of the ghost shape, including the mouth and eyes. Add the cheeks with a dry brush with a dry pastel (sanguine) or any red or pink color that you like.

Lettering: Boo! is base coated with French Vanilla.


Just add a layer of varnish spray.

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