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Book Bug

Book Bug

By Amanda Novaes


Craft paper or Cereal Box 6.5in x 9.5in (17cm x 24cm)

Paints: Decoart® Americana

Avocado - DAO52

Blue Chiffon - DA193

Charcoal Grey - DAO88

French Vanilla - DA184* (Moon Yellow DAO7 - Titanium White DAO1 - 1:1)

Light Buttermilk - DA164

Neutral Grey - DAO95

Olive Green - DAO56* (DA312 Irish Green - DA168 Golden Straw - DA164 Light Buttermilk - 2:2:1)

Orchid - DAO33* (DA276 Razzleberry - DA034 Lavender - DA031 Baby Pink - 2:1:2)

Provence Sky - DA401

Spiced Pumpkin - DA310

Soft Black – DA155

Wedgewood Blue - DAO38* (DA138 Primary Blue - DA357 Thicket - 1:1)


Mediums/ Decoart:

Americana acrylic sealer/finishers

Brushes: Dynasty Brush

3/8, 1/4 - Angle -Black Gold by (206A)

4, 2, 1 Round - Black Gold (206R)

10/0 liner - Black Gold (206L)

6 Shader - Black Gold (206S)

Small Mezzaluna

Miscellaneous Supplies



Tracing Paper

Graphite Paper

Mask Tape


Roller Foam

Manuscript Stamp (Recollections – 10184625 Michael’s)


Basecoat with Provence Sky.


Boat: The boat was built first just to prevent any mess with the stamp process. It will be easy to correct any mistake with no other details on your surface. Basecoat with French Vanilla. To stamp the boat mask off the area. Let’s stamp the bottom area first with the handwriting on the vertical position. Use the foam roller to apply a Neutral Grey layer on the stamp design. So stamp it. Let dry. Reposition the masking tape. Stamp the top area changing the lettering position (vertical).

Shade the overlapping shadow of each paper fold with Neutral Grey and then Charcoal Grey (including against the water line on the bottom line of the boat). Highlight With Light Buttermilk.

Water: Trace the horizon line. Mask off the boat area. With a dry sponge (on the hard side) let's add some horizontal effects with 2 colors and drying between each layer. Wedgewood Blue and Blue Chiffon. There is no right order. Feel free to create. Highlight the water that is touching the boat with Blue Chiffon an angle or flat brush can be used here.

Clouds: Dry brush the cloud's shape with Wedgewood Blue. Highlight the top area of each cloud with Blue Chiffon. Shade against the horizon line with Orchid. Repeat if desired.

Bug: Basecoat with Olive green. Shade each “ball” with Avocado. For the overlap shadows use Charcoal Grey. Highlight with Light Buttermilk. The Backpack is Spiced Pumpkin. Shade with Charcoal Grey. Outline all of the body shape and face details with Soft Black. On the glasses area add a glazing with Light Buttermilk. Use the same orange for the cheek.


Just Add a layer of Varnish Spray. Let dry. Glue it on your notebook cover. After drying a plastic cover can be used to protect your painting. (Clear plastic book cover sleeves - Clear Slip-on Book Covers)

Download Line Drawing Here.

Download Original Word File Here.

©2022 Amanda Novaes

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