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Challenge Accepted...

If you remember the last issue, we offered an autumn leaf challenge. Show us what you can do with the fall staple...the leaf.

We had a few responses to our challenge...

From Betsy Levels...three great examples. I have to say, the witch is my favorite!

From Rosa Richard...the first, a Brenda LaRose design©, the second, Rosa's own design.

Painted on real leaves, Rosa tells this story... 'When my husband was a boy, maybe 10 years old, he helped his father dig the holes to plant some trees. Years later, on a fall day, we were passing by that old house where he had helped plant those trees. We went in and asked the current lady of the house if we could pick a few leaves. We chose some leaves from the ground and went home. I ended up treating the leaves and I painted them.'

Thank you, Betsy and Rosa, for accepting the challenge.

For our readers, all challenges are still open, so feel free to share your talent!

Photos Credit - Betsy Levels and Rosa Richard

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