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Chasing Halloween...

By Kole Hunt

Fun abounds as this 'oh so scary' trick or treater chases his treats and his balloons.

A fun new design! Just in time for your Halloween painting!


Ghost w/ 2 balloons cutout SKU: 11-00375

(Available in two different sizes, the one pictured is done using the following size... 4"T x 2 1/2"W)


DecoArt® Americana Acrylics:

DA129 True Red

DA265 Tuscan Red

DA067 Lamp Black

DA01 Snow White

DA010 Cadmium Yellow

DA174 Milk Chocolate

DA014 Cadmium Orange

DA310 Spiced Pumpkin


DecoArt® Sealers/Finishes:

DAS13 Matte Sealer


Dynasty® Black Gold Series:

#5/0 Script Liner

#10/0 Script Liner

#8 Filbert

200 Series:

⅛" Deerfoot

#4 Dry Brush

1/4" Mini Mop


Paper Towels

22 to 24 Gauge Craft Wire

Gel Super Glue

1/32 Drill Bit


Water Bin


Seal the piece with the Multi-Purpose Sealer. Lightly sand and wipe with a damp towel. Basecoat all surfaces with Snow White.

The Ghost:

The ghost is based with Snow White and shaded with thinned-down Lamp Black.

His eyes are done with Lamp Black and Snow White. The hole in his shroud is Lamp Black with Snow White.

His sleeves are Cadmium Yellow with Cadmium Orange stripes.

His socks are Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow, and Lamp Black.

His shoes are Lamp Black with Snow White.

All linework is done with Lamp Black.

The Treat Bucket:

The pumpkin treat bucket is based with Cadmium Orange. The shading is done with Milk Chocolate. The highlights are done with Spiced Pumpkin.

The eyes, mouth, and the opening in the top of the pumpkin are done are Cadmium Yellow. The string and linework are done with Lamp Black.

The Balloons:

The balloons are based with Tuscan Red and use True Red around the edges and for highlighting. The eyes and mouth on the one floating higher and to the left are done with Cadmium Yellow and Lamp Black for the eyes, with a touch of Snow White and Lamp Black, a bit of Snow White, and both reds for the mouth. The features for the balloon on the right are done with Cadmium Yellow and Lamp Black with a touch of Snow White.


Finish with a coat of matte sealer. Attach balloons with wire, drilling wood pieces and gluing in place.

Have fun trick or treating!

Design & Photos ©2022 Kole Hunt.

Download Line Drawing Here.

Download Word File Here.

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