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Cheery Chickadee

by Sammie Crawford

This charming little bird is all ready for the holiday season.



Lantern #207-0730 Viking Woodcrafts

Paints: DecoArt Americana

Black Plum 172

Cashmere Beige 91

Cocoa 259

Country Blue 41

Emperor's Gold Metallic 148

Golden Straw 168

Grey Sky 111

Hauser Dark Green 133

Hauser Light Green 131

Lamp Black 67

Pineapple 06

Raw Sienna 93

Snow White 01

Soft Black 155

Tangerine 12

True Red 129

Winter Blue 190

Mediums from DecoArt:

Glamour Dust Ice Crystal Ultra Fine Glitter Paint

Spray Gloss Varnish

Brushes by Loew-Cornell:

Series 7000 #8 Round

Series 7300 #12 Flat Shader

Series 7350 #10/0 Liner

Series 7550 1” Wash


Transfer Paper


Painting Instructions:

Basecoat the lantern with Lamp Black. The scrollwork is done with the Emperor’s Gold. Paint the inside of the lantern with Pineapple. When dry, apply the pattern and basecoat the bells with Cashmere Beige, followed by Emperor’s Gold. Hade with Raw Sienna. The ribbon is painted with Snow White with True Red stripes. The comma strokes are Emperor’s Gold. The pine needles are done with Hauser Dark Green followed by Hauser Light Green on some of the needles.

Shade the lantern with Grey Sky. Float around the inside of the lantern with Golden Straw. The candle is based with Hauser Dark Green. It is shaded with Soft Black. The high light is Hauser Light Green. The wick is Lamp Black. The flame is white with a True Red float than a Country Blue float across the bottom.

The branch is done with Cashmere Beige, the shading is Raw Sienna. The berries are True Red with Black Plum shading and Tangerine high lights. Use the round brush to dab snow on the lantern and the branch with Snow White. Shade with Winter Blue. When dry, dd some of the Glamour Dust Ice Crystal Ultra Fine Glitter Paint to the snow.

The bird is Snow White with a Lamp Black head, feet, and throat. The shading is Grey Sky. The eye is Lamp Black. Float Snow White across the top of the eye.


Finish with several light coats of varnish, allowing drying time between coats.



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