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Chickens in Advertising...a look at poultry inspired art in the commercial world.

When you take a look at current advertising we are all familiar with seeing chickens in many forms. We have all been to a KFC® or Popeyes® and have seen their chicken inspired logos, meant to help sell their product. The chicken has long been used as advertising fodder. Looking back in time, the following are taken from the public domain and give a little insight into the products of the time and the use of art to sell those items. It is interesting to note that some of the advertised items have nothing to do with chickens yet use them to advertise their wares. Isn't it fun to see how art intersects in so many ways in our world?!

.Metropolitan Poultry Show in Baker Street, London, Christmas 1852

LaMont's Improved Crystallized Egg Advertisement, 1898

Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machines Advertisement, 1900

A theatrical production advertisement, "Chickens", 1921

Annual catalog of the National Columbian Wyandotte Club, 1909

Livestock Feed and Farming Supplies Advertisement, 1902

Eagle Market Advertisement, 1900

Davis Sewing Machine Co. Advertisement, 1900

Dr. Grosvenor's Liveraid Advertisement, 1899

1910 Ziegfeld Follies Advertisement, 1910, 1913

All images on this page were accessed at Wikimedia Commons and all are in the public domain in both the USA and other countries.

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