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Choco Bunny

By Amanda Novaes


Wood Surface 12in x 8in (30cm x 20cm)


Decoart® Americana:

Bleached Sand - DA257

Burnt Umber - DA064

Charcoal Grey - DA088

Cocoa - DA259

Dark Chocolate – DA065

Dove Grey - DA06* (DA171 Driftwood - DA01 Titanium White - 1:1)

Milk Chocolate - DA174

Mistletoe - DA053

Neutral Grey - DA095

Provence Sky - DA401

Soft Black - DA155

Spice Pink - DA030* (Terra Coral DA286 - Electric Pink DA231 - Driftwood DA171 - 01.01.02)

Sunny Day - DA325

Titanium White - DA001

Toffee - DA059




Americana acrylic sealer/finishers


Royal & Langnickel®:

3/8, 1/2 Angle Majestic R4160

4, 2, 1,0 Round – Aqualon R2250

20/0 Round Mini Majestic R4200R

04 Shader /flat - Majestic R4150

3/8 Half Moon SG375

1/4 Deerfoot SG393



Tracing Paper - Graphite Paper

Masking Tape

Sprinkles Stencil -


Sand the wood surface and basecoat with Toffee.



Stencil the sprinkles with Milk Chocolate. Trace the line drawing.

The base coat is Milk Chocolate. Shade each drip with Soft Black. Add a highlight (as an outline) on each drip with Toffee. Then using the half-moon brush add another highlight (semi-circle shape) on each drip.


Basecoat with Milk Chocolate. Add a glazing layer on the two frosting areas (intercalating light and dark). Shade each section with Dark Chocolate then Soft Black. Highlight with Toffee.

Ice cream Cone: Basecoat is Cocoa. Shade with Milk Chocolate then Burnt Umber, especially on the top corner of each square. Highlight the center of the lines and columns.


Basecoat with Neutral Grey. Using a Deerfoot brush add a Dove Grey Layer. Shade against the arms, neck, and the frosting with Charcoal Grey. Then highlight the fur area with Titanium White. The center of the ear and the nose are Spice Pink. The face details are Burnt Umber and Spice Pink for the cheeks.


Add the colored sprinkles using Mistletoe, Provence Sky, Spice Pink, Sunny Day, and Titanium White. Using a liner brush add a Soft Black line on one side of each sprinkle as the cast shadow. Add a Titanium line on each sprinkle for the highlight.

The Lettering is Milk Chocolate.


Just Add a layer of varnish spray.

Download Original Word Program Here.

Download Line Drawing Here.

Project and Original Images ©2023 Amanda Novaes

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