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Christmas Eve At The Cabin

by Phyllis Spaw

Phyllis has created a charming ornament for our Christmas in July celebration. Look for more from Phyllis coming soon!


One snowflake cut out by SLDPK140 snowflake bevel cut frame ornament wood kit, set of 3.


Paint palette Brush cleaner Water basin Pencil/eraser

Small stylus Painter’s tape Blue or black transfer paper

Tracing paper Wax paper Rags or paper towels

Glitter-metallic iridescent white-Tree House Studio-purchased at Hobby Lobby

Carta Bella – 6x6 stencil, Santa's Sleigh , also available at


Papillon #2 round #18/0 liner Dynasty 3/4” angular 5/8” stencil brush Robert Simmons #6 filbert


Burnt Orange DA016

Burnt Umber DA064

Cadmium Yellow DA010

Deep Burgundy DA128

Deep Midnight Blue DA166

Hauser Dark Green DA133

Lamp Black DA067

Raw Sienna DA093

Titanium White DA01


Decou-Page-Photo transfer medium by DecoArt or any of their Decou-Page products should work. This just happens to be the one I had on hand. They can be used as glue, sealer, or a finish.

Clear satin sealer spray from Rust-Oleum PREPARATION

Separate the circle from the snowflake and individually base coat each piece of the ornament, including both the snowflake and the circle, in Titanium White using the 3/4” angle brush. Apply a couple of light coats and allow to dry completely. Be sure to get in to the indentations and corners on the snowflake. Lay them on a piece of wax paper to dry.

Once dry, apply a fairly generous coat of the Decou-Page medium in a small section and quickly begin sprinkling glitter as you apply the Decou-Page medium. Work over a clean piece of wax paper. Again be sure to get in to the indentations and corners. Once you have finished applying the glitter to the entire snowflake, place it on a clean piece of wax paper to dry. You can apply a second coat if desired. Roll the wax paper into a cylinder shape and pour the glitter back into the bottle.


Pick up some Deep Midnight Blue along with some Titanium White and begin adding the sky using the damp 3/4” angle brush. Blend back and forth across the sky down to where it meets the horizon. Keep the lighter color at the bottom near the horizon line. Apply a couple of coats. Pick up some Deep Burgundy with some Titanium White and begin blending the pinkish color on the right side into the blue. Be careful not to load you brush too heavy. It should be light applications that you build up for the desired color. Brush from the right side into the center. Blend some longer strokes and some shorter strokes.


Add the river in the same manner as you did the sky using the # 6 filbert. Add the snow in Titanium White, starting on the left side and bringing a little bit of it back into the river. Mix a little bit of Deep Burgundy into some Titanium White and thin it down for a wash. Add the pink shadow on the ground in this wash. Add the blue shadows in the same manner. Repeat if necessary.


Add the cabin in Raw Sienna using the #2 round. Keep you brush strokes in a horizontal direction. Pick up a bit of Burnt Umber and mix it in to the Raw Sienna to darken it up a bit. Apply this to the side of the log cabin next to the big pine on the left. Add the chinking by picking up some Raw Sienna with a little Titanium White. Add the windows in Burnt Orange and highlight the front ones only, in Cadmium Yellow. Add the roof in Lamp Black. Wipe your brush off on to a rag. Pick up very little paint and very lightly add the snow on the roof in Titanium White. Brush it across the top and then quickly brush it downward. Outline the peak in Lamp Black. Add the chimney in Burnt Umber and the stones in Raw Sienna. Add the light in front of the cabin in a wash of Burnt Orange and Cadmium Yellow.


Add the fence in Burnt Umber using the #2 round. Outline the right sides of the posts in Lamp Black. Add the highlight on the left in Raw Sienna and the snow in Titanium White.


Using the #6 filbert, add the trees in Hauser Dark Green and a bit of Lamp Black to darken it up a bit. Tap from side to side until you are satisfied. Wipe your brush on to a rag and add the snow in Titanium White in the same manner. Repeat if necessary. Add the tree trunks in some thinned down Lamp Black and highlight the left side in some thinned Titanium White using the #18/0 liner brush. CHIMNEY SMOKE

Add the chimney smoke in a mix of Titanium White with a little Lamp Black and lightly tap it in with the #6 filbert.


Tape the Santa reindeer stencil to the circle with a small piece of painter’s tape and tap in Lamp Black using the 5/8” stencil brush. Allow to dry and apply a second coat.


I used the Decoupage photo transfer medium to glue the circle to the inside of the snowflake. I used the 3/4” angle brush and applied a fairly generous coat around the outside of the circle. Not so much that it is dripping though. Now place the circle inside the snowflake and line up with your hanger so that your design does not hang crooked. I flipped it over and applied a coat to the back all the way around the seam of the circle. Hang overnight to dry. Finish off the back with another coat or two of Titanium White and allow to dry.


Spray with a coat or two of Rust-Oleum clear satin finish sealer and allow to dry.

Phyllis Spaw Designs Christmas Eve At The Cabin©️

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