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Color...A Fun, Visual Trip through a Flower & Garden Festival.

To be inspired by color, it touches us in all aspects of life. From the warming colors of a rising sun to the majestic hues of a distance mountain. Color surrounds us.

With that in mind, I'd like to take you on a short tour of the 2019 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival in Walt Disney World, Florida. The following images are just some of the offerings at the festival.

I am always inspired when I visit the festival. The flowers alone spark that creative desire to paint, to recreate the beauty in the palette of the blooms.

From gardens full of multiple flowers to pot gardens, overflowing with even more, the festival provides an over abundance of inspiration.

Every flower imaginable is there, even the ones from the imagination.

Landscapes abound with a blanket of blooms that flow and ebb, taking your eye from one thing to another.

Among the many tings to see and do at the festival, one I found particularly interesting from an artist's point of view was the Colortopia app presented by Glidden. It was an interactive app you downloaded to your phone. As you entered countries in the World Showcase it would give you information about colors used in each of the country's pavilions. It also provided line drawings where you could add your own color.

While strolling around the World Showcase I came upon a charming booth full of wonderful art and it's talented owner, Rachel Tribble. Rachel has been collaborating with Disney since 2008. Her art draws you to the booth. She was kind enough to pose in her booth for us. Be sure to visit her website for a closer look at her art and learn more about this interesting artist.

Just for fun I have added some of the art related photos I took from in and near the France pavilion. These props are always here, adding a feel for the art in France.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip through the festival.


All photographs © 2019 - Diane Marie Kellogg

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