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Convention Cuties!

By Diane Marie Kellogg

Please note badge is from a previous convention.

Using some of those awesome finds from an earlier product post, those cool little canvas purses, I've come up with a cute little paint brush design. These will work great for conventions, to carry your show badges on the outside and personal goodies on the inside.

I've given you two different color styles along with your choice of glitter or no glitter.

Click on photo of line drawing at bottom of page to access pdf file to print.


Canvas Purse Wearable Art from Hobby Lobby

Item #1765874 – Off White 6”x 9”, Item #1765882 Black 6”x 9”

DecoArt Americana Acrylics

Aqua Sky 333 Burnt Umber 64 Coral 346 Coral Shell 316 Cotton Candy 347 Georgia Clay 17 Grape Juice 236 Green Tree 349 Grey Sky 111 Honey Brown 163 Laguna 350 Lavender 34 Leaf Green 51 Light Lime 348 Light Orchid 352 Marigold 194 Milk Chocolate 174 Neutral Grey 95 Raw Sienna 93 Razzleberry 276 Soft Black 155 Spice Pink 30

Mediums by DecoArt

Matte Metallics Flat Metallic Paint – Silver DMMT14 Fabric Painting Medium, if desired. GlamourDUST Sprinkle-On Glitter Crystal DAS37, if desired.

DuraClear Matte Varnish DS60

Brushes by Royal Langnickel

Mini Majestic Angled Shader, Size 0 – 4200A for base coating.

Mini Majestic Monogram Liner, Size 30/0 – 4200M for detail & basecoating tiny areas.

Zen Angled Shader, Size 1/2”/ 13mm - Z73A for shading and high lighting.

Miscellaneous Supplies

Transfer paper- black


General's Charcoal Pencil White 558 or white chalk pencil

Helpful Tips

I painted the samples without fabric medium. You can paint with fabric medium if desired. (This will keep it from crackling if washed.)

Be brave and try your own color combinations for the 'paint'!


Transfer pattern to purse. Use white pencil to trace design on back of paper, then trace with stylus onto black bag. For off-white bag, use transfer paper and stylus.


Both bags

Base coat brush handle with Raw Sienna, shade with Burnt Umber. High light with Honey Brown. Line work is Burnt Umber. Base coat ferrule with Neutral Grey first, then go over the grey with the Metallic Silver. Shade with Soft Black, high light with Grey Sky. Dots are Soft Black.

Brush is based with Honey Brown. Shade with Milk Chocolate. High light is done with Marigold. Line work is Milk Chocolate.

Off-White Bag

Bottom brush tip and one drop of paint are based with Coral, shaded with Georgia Clay and the high light is Coral Shell. Top brush tip and one drop of paint are based with Spice Pink, shaded with Razzleberry and the high light is Cotton Candy. Remaining drops are based with Aqua Sky, shaded with Laguna and the high light is Cotton Candy.

Black Bag

Brush tips and two drops of paint are based with Lavender, shaded with Grape Juice and the high light is Light Orchid. One of the remaining drops is based with Laguna, shaded with a mix of Laguna and Soft Black, the high light is Aqua Sky. (For the mix of Laguna and Soft Black, I just added enough black to make it darker to shade the Laguna.) The other drop is based with Green Tree, shaded with Leaf Green and the high light is Light Lime.


After painting you can heat set if desired. Once finished, you have the option of adding glitter to the 'paint', if desired. Just go over section you want glittered with the matte varnish, then sprinkle with the glitter. Work quickly and do one section at a time.

Now you are ready to attach your badge, fill that purse up with money and other incidentals you will need at convention and enjoy! Happy painting!

©2019 Diane Marie Kellogg – Oil Creek Originals

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