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Countryside Afternoon

By Marie-Lou Denis


Your natural nails or white press-on nails. You can get those at Sally’s beauty.

*Editor's Note- Alternate surface suggestion. It occurred to me that Marie Lou's designs would be great painted on miniature wood pieces or even thimbles.


Decoart Americana acrylic paint:

DA240 Cool White

DAO64 Burnt Umber

DAO93 Raw Sienna

DA08 Yellow Ochre

DA196 Tangelo Orange

DA132 Hauser Medium Green

DAO83 Black Forest Green

DAO21 Crimson Tide

DAO10 Cadmium Yellow

DA305 Whispering Turquoise

DAO42 Baby Blue

DA270 Ocean Blue


Princeton Select Short Liner 18/0

Princeton Select Flat shader #6

Loew Cornell Angular brush ¼

Loew Cornell Crescent 1/8

Other materials

Paper palette

Dotting tool

Makeup sponge

White polish (Sally Hansen “White On”)

Base & Topcoat



Start off by washing your hands thoroughly. Then either apply your press-on nails or your base coat nail polish. Let it dry fully and apply 2 coats of white polish on all your nails.


Base: Paint all your nails with Whispering Turquoise and the Flat Shader. Try to do as few brush strokes as possible.

Mountains: Paint triangles of variant height with Baby Blue and the Short Liner. Make sure a good portion of the sky is still visible. You don’t need to bother with the bottom of the nail since it’s going to be covered in future steps. Shade the left sides of the mountains with a mix of equal parts Baby Blue and Ocean Blue.

Grass: Paint the grass in a stippling motion with the Crescent 1/8 and Hauser Medium Green. Repeat this step at the bottom of the nail with Black Forest Green.

Sky: With your dotting tool and Cadmium Yellow, paint a sun on your ring finger on the right side. Using some diluted Cool White, do the same stippling motion as in the last step to create fluffy clouds.

Trees: Using the Short Liner and Black Forest Green, paint the trees. Leave space in between each branch to recreate this look. Fluff out the branches by doing a stippling motion over them too.

Colorful trees: Using Cadmium Yellow, Tangelo Orange, and Crimson Tide, paint trees with the Crescent 1/8. Try to alternate colors so there are never two trees of the same color next to each other. This will create a beautiful random effect. See below.

Trunks: With the Short Liner and Burnt Umber, add trunks to all the trees. Repeat step 5.1 so that the branches seem to be under the trees’ leaves. See above.

Trail: Paint a trail with the Short Liner and Cool White. Add a little bit of Yellow Ochre to give some depth to the trail. Make the trail follow along on all nails so that when you hold them together it’s seamless.

Tiny Cottage: Paint a rectangle with a pentagon on the side using the Short Liner and Yellow Ochre to create the base of the cottage. Paint a parallelogram with Crimson Tide and the Short Liner for the roof. Outline everything in Burnt Umber using the Short Liner. Add a door and windows with Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber using the Short Liner.


Apply a Matte Top Coat to seal in your design. If you accidentally got some nail polish on your skin, use your Loew Cornell Angular brush ¼ dipped in acetone (or nail polish remover) and clean up your cuticles.


I hope you enjoyed painting this fall countryside nail art! You can share it with me on my Instagram :


or Twitter:

©2021 Nailing Painting

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