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Creativity Challenge - June Project

Welcome back!

It's time for the next PWM Blog Creativity Challenge!

Here's how it works... Once a month we will provide you with a free line drawing. Your challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to bring it to life. Do something with it. Give it color. Add paint or pencils or whatever your heart desires! You pick the colors, the media, the surface. It's up to you! Enlarge it, reduce it, whatever works.

When you finish, send a photo in jpg format and it may appear in a future Blog issue! We look forward to a lot of participation and a lot of fun!


(Please note I am adding the line drawings for the first two challenges to the bottom of this article. We have changed our format and they are no longer available in original form online. Feel free to use them to create.)

Now on to our June challenge! While thinking about Christmas in July it occurred to me...why not Halloween in June? least for this challenge! So here's a little bit of Halloween in June for you. Use the design, send us your pics!

Click here for June Challenge Line Drawing

Click here for May Challenge Line Drawing

Click here for April Challenge Line Drawing

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