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Creativity Challenge Revisited!

A few issues back I issued this challenge...

I asked you to show me what you could create using these fun mini silverware pieces from Tim Holtz Idea-ology® line. I have gotten a reply.

Debbie Huska, who designed the cute owl ornament in an earlier issue, has come up with this unique little fella, using all of the pieces and some Quik Wood®

Debbie says "The head, I used the 2 spoons, the feet are the forks, the body is from the handles of the spoons and forks. The hand and arm are done with a fork, trimmed and bent, the other arm is a bent knife handle. I glued a 20 mm glass cabochons eye on the curved side of the spoon. I molded the hood and gown with Quick Wood. The base is a lid."

To say that Debbie went 'outside the box' would be an understatement. I love her wonderfully

different take on this challenge. Be sure to watch for her Gingerbread project in November, here on the blog.

Thank you Debbie for accepting the challenge!

I am looking for more people to show me what they've got! Any previous challenge, no time limits, show your creativity!

Send your photos to

Cover Photo Credit - Pixabay

Challenge Photos Credit - Debbie Huska

Silverware Photo Credit - D.M. Kellogg

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