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by Effie Carayannis

SURFACE: Stretch canvas board – 12inch x 16inch PAINTS:

DecoArt® Americana:

DA067 Lamp (Ebony) Black DA239 Warm White DA01 Snow (Titanium) White Other DecoArt® Products:

Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer

Dandelion stencil Americana Gloss Spray Sealer


1" base coating brush

#2 round brush

#10/0 liner brush Chalk pencil

Grey lead pencil Stylus Paper towels Water Bin




Apply two coats of sealer using the flat brush, allowing it to dry between coats. Then, paint the background with two coats of Warm White, again, allowing drying time between coats.


Trace the curved line in the background onto tracing paper and then transfer it using the transfer paper and stylus. Paint the left-hand side of the curved line with Lamp (Ebony) Black using the basecoating brush to a solid coverage.


Place the dandelion stencil (referring to the line drawing for placement) on the black background, and then outline the dandelions with the chalk pencil. Maneuver the stencil so each dandelion fits in nicely, giving the design a pleasing effect. Then, use the chalk pencil and add another row of florets around each dandelion. Extend the stems all the way to the base of the curvature of the design. With the stencil, add the florets (you may freehand these if you wish) that are windblown, referring to the picture for placement. Use a grey lead pencil for the florets on the white background. Next transfer “Wish” from the transfer paper and transfer it to the base of the canvas.



Paint the stems with three coats of Warm White using the liner brush. Add a little Snow (Titanium) White to the stem in the foreground to highlight it. Place a shadow on the other two stems with Lamp (Ebony) Black using the angle shader.


Use the liner to paint the tiny lines on the florets. Then add stylus dots for the small dots. Next, use the end of a brush for the larger dots. Keep in mind that the white florets are painted on the black background using Warm White and the black florets are painted on the white background using Lamp (Ebony) Black.


Paint the letters on the black background with Warm White using the round brush. Paint the letters on the white background with Lamp (Ebony) Black using the clean round brush.


Allow it to dry thoroughly. Erase any chalk lines and give it a couple of coats of gloss spray varnish.

Original WORD File

Download 'Wish' Word Line Drawing Here

Design and photos ©2023 Effie Carayannis All Rights reserved.

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