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Deck the Halls...

A rambling but short commentary on home decor for the holidays.

By now I am sure many of you have completed your holiday decorating. I was a bit late but just finished up last night. There seems to be quite a debate as to when we should don our gay apparel and deck the halls, the walls, inside and out, with the tinsel and such meant to bring about holiday cheer. Too early or not soon enough?

Growing up it seemed to be a tradition that the lights went up and on right after Thanksgiving but the tree was never decorated till around the 23rd of December. I remember coming home for Christmas break and Mom would be hanging the finishing touch, those awesome and no longer available tin icicles, on the tree. Of course, back then the tree was real.

While you can still get a real tree, I have opted for artificial for years, due to safety and my furry friends. The good thing about artificial trees, they can go up earlier and stay up longer.

They even say that people who put their Christmas decor up early are happier people. I can believe that but wonder if it is only because they are finally up? LOL! It seems it took me quite a while and no small amount of stress to get the job done. I definitely feel better now that it is. Then I think...I get to do this again when I go 'home' for the holidays.

For me, Christmas decor includes outdoor lights, fun florals, decorated trees and cherished displays of accumulated Christmas knick nacks. I love to enjoy them all for the month of December then carefully pack them away after the 1st of January. ( I personally consider it bad luck to take the tree down before the 2nd!) I tend to lean towards certain things that I and my family like, things we collect.

In any instance, stop and take the time to enjoy your decor and that of others. Go for a walk in the neighborhood, good exercise, and starry lights! Check out the local celebrations for the season. Stop in at your favorite shops for a bit of cheer.

Merry Christmas!


All photos ©2019 Diane Marie Kellogg - DigiArt by Di

Hat in last photo - Mary Lynn Parson design.

Clay Santa in last photo - Cathy Longstreth design.

All Disney Images Characters ©Disney

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