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Designer Data - News for pattern and project artists.

The Viking Designer Progam is looking to add some new Brand Ambassadors, Exclusive Designers, Subscription Box designers, and social media promoters. Email vikingdesignerprograms@gmail.com with your information.

The Cover Artist of Painting World Magazine will receive $300 instead of $200 starting in 2022. All other artists will receive the usual $200 unless it is the ornament issue and in that case, it pays $100. Please note that this year the August issue will only pay $100 as we are also be doing a special digital Halloween issue to accompany the printed August issue.

Are you a designer or teacher, do you have a web presence or an online shop?

For the wonderfully low price of only $35, you can advertise in our new QR code section of the printed magazine. The spot includes your QR code which you supply along with a small photo and your name.

Email artistsubmissions@paintingworldmag.com for more information.

Blog artists- Please note...if you want your pattern removed from the blog after your 30 day period you need to contact me and request removal, otherwise they stay online. Email - pwmblogeditor@gmail.com

Also note that if you need a view count for submitting to pay for publication programs you can find that either on the title page of your project or the actual page of your project, I suggest taking a screen capture to record information. Once I have deleted a project, it CANNOT be recovered and all data is lost.

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