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Did you know...

The Painting World Magazine, a publication available in both paper and digital versions, is the sponsor of the PWM Blog & Newsletter?

They provide the blog and it's projects and articles, free of charge, to any who sign up for the newsletter or access the blog online.

You can sign up for the newsletter at . Look for the sign up to receive the newsletter in the upper right corner of the page. This is ONLY for the newsletter, which will send you notifications when the blog is new, approximately three times a month.

Painting World Magazine, the paper, and digital versions are published six times a year. Beautiful pages are full of projects and articles. A great value for the money, you can subscribe at .

Please note, a subscription to the newsletter DOES NOT include the paper or digital subscription to the magazine.

The same is true of the paid subscription for the magazine, it does not include the newsletter. They are two separate entities. Please use the links above to access either or both.


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