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by Margaret Riley

Find a solid, light color cosmetic bag to paint. This dragonfly will sparkle a smile on your face! Easy to create and a great gift, too!



7” x 9” (approximate size) fabric cosmetic bag

(Note: various sizes of cosmetic bags are available online. Just Google fabric cosmetic bag and pick what you want to paint on, also can be found on-line or in the cosmetic department at most mass merchants.)


DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint

Fuchsia DSS94

Green Apple DSS75

Indian Turquoise DSS79

Lamp Black DSS24

White DSS01

DecoArt Fabric Glitters

Clear Ice DSSFG01

Brushes (any stiff bristle brush)

No. 10/0 liner

No. 12 flat or angle

No. 4 round


Conte’ `a Paris Charcoal Pencil Black 1355 No. 42

Tracing paper and pencil


DecoArt Fabric Medium

Fabric Block Printing Stamp No. 27191 by Plaid

Black Identi-Pen by Sakura


Paper towels

Water basin

Palette or foam plate

Small piece of sponge

Scrap paper (7” x 9”)


Note: Use a brush that will accommodate the area to be painted. When using the Identi-pen, be sure your paint is dry.

It is best to draw around the cosmetic bag (or do a measured size on paper) to do the center and checks before applying to the bag. Equally, make checks around the design area. Lightly mark where colors will go to be sure they come out perfectly. Paint checks in colors of choice. The design area is 4” x 6-1/4”.

Pattern Application of dragonfly

1. Trace the pattern onto tracing paper.

2. On the reverse side, retrace pattern lines with the charcoal pencil (keep a sharp point if possible).

3. Tape pattern with traced charcoal lines onto the bag.

4. Retrace design with the flat end of the charcoal pencil.

5. Carefully remove the pattern. With the Identi-Pen and starting at the bottom of the dragonfly, trace all lines. Moving upward will avoid rubbing off the charcoal lines.

6. Once lines are drawn, use your hand to rub off the charcoal pencil lines.

Background and checks

1. Alternate painting checks in Lamp Black, Indian Turquoise, and Green Apple.

2. Paint the background Fuchsia. Allow to dry completely.

3. Lay a piece of scrap paper along checked edges to keep from getting stamp design onto checks.

4. Using a sponge, tap on Lamp Black onto fabric stamp.

5. Apply stamp design where you like and as many as you desire…some partially on the background and some fully in the background. Do not stamp onto the dragonfly. An odd number is more attractive.

Dragonfly body

1. Paint body Indian Turquoise.

2. Mix one-part Lamp Black to three parts Indian Turquoise for shading color.

3. Shade between each body section, between eyes, and along each side of the body.

4. Using White, paint a highlight line along the center. Wipe out brush and soften highlight.

5. Using Fuchsia, lightly paint a horizontal stripe in the center of each section except the top two.

Dragonfly eyes and legs

1. Basecoat each in Green Apple.

2. Add a White highlight in the center of each eye.

3. Using liner brush, paint each leg Lamp Black.

Dragonfly wings

1. Using fabric medium, apply to each wing section.

2. While still wet, randomly blotch and softly add Indian Turquoise with fabric medium in the brush along with paint. Using the medium will help keep the paint thin. Repeat with Fuchsia and Green Apple. Be sure to allow the background of the cosmetic bag to shine through. Allow to dry completely.


1. Mix one-part Lamp Black to three parts Fuchsia for the shading color.

2. Onto background color and above each wing, lightly apply shading color and on the left side of the body to “cast a shadow”. Use liner brush to shade on the left side of each leg (not under the wing area).

3. Use the Identi-Pen to draw in lines in all the wings.

4. When wings are completely dry, apply fabric glitter. One or two coats can be applied.

Reverse side (optional)

Be creative. Add checks to match the opposite side and a stripe in the background color. Use fabric stamp to add more design appeal.

Line Drawing - Download Here

Download Original WORD File Here

If the cosmetic bag needs to be laundered, be sure to wait at least two weeks so the paint has completely dried and cured.

Contact Margaret

Design and Photos ©2021 Margaret Riley

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