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Earth Day April 22, 2020

As Earth Day gets closer this year it comes with what appears to be a cleaner atmosphere around the earth. Social distancing due to the Covid-19 virus has resulted in a cleaner environment in many cities and countries. Reports run from clear skies over a normally smog laden LA to satellites circling the earth showing a decrease in nitrogen oxide.

Animals have ventured into towns and cities onto streets devoid of the usual traffic that kept them away. It would seem the earth is using this time to cooperate, to become healthier, to shine. Another result is the quiet, with fewer people traveling, associating, and driving the earth has been in a kind of hush.

Now is the time to enjoy what we have been given, while we are social distancing and at home with free time on our hands. Step outside and take a look, listen to the birds, watch the animals. (Just stay clear of others, maintain your distance.) Take photos with your camera, paint what you see. Do that while sitting with your window open and listening to the bird song and feeling the light spring breeze. Let our time in be a time well spent and be thankful for an earth that can replenish itself while we all fight to end the attack on the human race.

Photo Credit Noah Haggerty PIxabay

Sources - The Atlantic.Com The Pandemic is turning the natural world upside down by Marina Koren, April 02, 2020.

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