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Easter Bunny

By Amanda Novaes

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Wood Surface 10in x 13,5in (25cm x 35cm)


Decoart® Americana:

Black Plum - DA172

Bleached Sand - DA257

Coral – DA346

Hi-Lite Flesh - DA024

Lamp Black - DAO67

Neutral Grey - DAO95

Peony Pink - DA215* (DA300 Dragonfruit - DA010 Cadmium Yellow - 1: touch)

Plantation Pine - DA113

Sable Brown - DAO61

Titanium White - DAO1

Toffee - DAO59

True Ochre - DA143

Wasabi Green - DA296* (Celery Green DA208 - Antique Green DA147 - Warm White DA239 - 2:1:1)




Americana acrylic sealer/finishers


*Royal & Langnickel

3/8, 1/4 Angle Majestic R4160

4, 2, 1 Round – Aqualon R2250

20/0 Round Mini Majestic R4200R

4, 2 White Bristle Interlock R1455

1/2, 3/8 Soft Grip Mop SG1400

8,06 Shader /flat - Majestic R4150

4 Soft-Grip Bristle Fan Brush SG825

3, 5 Regis Filbert bristle brush L404T

3/8 Soft-Grip Filbert Comb SG930



Tracing Paper

Graphite Paper


Sand the wood surface and basecoat with Toffee.


Background: Basecoat the irregular shapes with Sable Brown.

Flowers and leaves: All flowers and leaves were aleatorily created, so feel free to add your own creativity to this. Just test the ideas before starting your final painting. Using a round brush and one stroke technique to build all decoration. For the big leaves background is Wasabi Green and for the center details Plantation Pine. For the flowers the branches are Black Plum and the flowers are Peony Pink and Hi-lite Flesh. Some flowers have a yellow detail that it is True Ochre. The small leaves use Wasabi Green and Plantation Pine. You can see the building process of each flower in the photos. Inside of the brown area add some diluted irregular sizes dots of Toffee.


The bristle brush is a kind of brush that needs to be almost dry and has no excess of paint on it, that way it will offer more similarity to natural fur. It is a way to avoid a flat basecoat on the first layer of your animal painting. With a bristle filbert brush add 2 layers of Neutral Grey following the fur direction then with the same brush add 1 layer of Grey Sky. That is the basecoat, now it is necessary to work by parts, focusing on that it is underneath. So first finish the fur on the selected area then shade just there, we can move on to the next area (that way all lose hair can be built on top of the shading area)


Using a toothbrush and Grey Sky add 2 layers of fur. (Following the same direction as the previous strokes). Let Dry. Add one more layer with the same brush with Bleached Sand. Shade with Neutral Grey then Charcoal Grey next to the “neck” and against the brown area. Trace the paws and shade with the same colors. For the paws repeat the same steps to build the fur. Shade the fingers with Neutral Grey and Charcoal Grey. Highlight doing Titanium White fur with a liner Brush.


Dry Brush the center of each ear with Coral. Highlight the top of this area with Hi-lite Flesh. Shade the inside area with Neutral Grey then Charcoal Grey. Finish the fur with the toothbrush with Grey Sky then Bleached Sand. Shade against the head with Neutral Grey and Charcoal Grey. Highlight with Titanium White Fur with a Liner Brush.


For the eyes areas, the fur color is Neutral Grey. You will need to add some Grey Sky fur on that area. For cheeks and the top of the head will be the same as previous colors.


Basecoat with Titanium White and Lamp Black. Highlight the black area with Titanium White using an angle brush. Shade the eyes with Charcoal Grey. For the Eyelashes, use a liner brush with Lamp Black. The shine dots are Titanium White.

Nose and Lip:

Basecoat with Coral. Highlight with Hi-lite Flesh. Shade the nose and lips with Charcoal Grey.

The whiskers are Lamp Black. Dry Brush the cheeks with Coral.


Just add a layer of Varnish Spray.



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