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Easter Eggs

by Phyllis Spaw


Two large plastic crafting eggs by Darice®. I purchased these at Walmart® in a four-pack. They are more like goose egg size. I love to decorate a holiday tree for most of the holidays. These two eggs will be a great addition. You could omit the hook and they could be very festive in a basket full of easter grass too. You could paint a couple of plain pastel-colored ones as well.


Tracing paper

Painter’s tape

Transfer paper



Eraser cap-white hi polymer by Pentel®-purchased at Walmart

Paint palette

Small stylus(optional)

Water basin

Paper towels

GENERAL’S® Scribe-ALL-all surface pencil #1254 white,, or a white water

color pencil for sketching

Flexible ruler 6”

Pigma Micron® pen 03

Small screw hook-Bulldog Hi-170

Drill with a small drill bit (for drilling a pilot hole in the top of the egg, to add the small hook for




DA067 Lamp Black

DA01 Titanium White

DA349 Green Tree

DA010 Cadmium Yellow

DA326 Peacock Teal

DA274 Carousel Pink

DA034 Lavender

DA303 Pebble

DA064 Burnt Umber


ArtistLoft® Vienna

#6 filbert


#3/4” angle-Black Gold series

#2 round

#20/0 script liner


Thin your paints just a little bit before beginning your project.

I will note each time a brush size changes.

Keep pointed Q-tips® on hand for wiping out unwanted paint in small areas.

Keep antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer on hand for wiping up unwanted paint and messes including hands.

Try to print the pattern with no borders if your printer has the option to do so. If you can’t,

you may need to connect a few missing lines with a pencil.

Retrace any straight lines before you begin your project using the flexible 6” ruler.

Always be sure to look for any touch-ups when you have completed your project.

I painted one side of the eggs only. You most certainly could paint both sides if you choose, or maybe add a different design to the back.


Rust-Oleum® Clear matte finish spray


Drill a small pilot hole with a small drill bit. Use a drill bit that is smaller than the screw hook.

Screw in the hook for hanging and wipe free of any dust with a damp paper towel or lint-free



Base coat in Peacock Teal using the 3/4” angle brush. Repeat until you have good

coverage. Allow to dry overnight. Once dry start adding some center marks following the

instructions below.

Hold up the egg with one hand in front of you and eyeball the center, then start adding marks following the shape of the egg with the white Scribe-All pencil (see pic below). Do the same on the bottom and sides of the egg. Finish connecting the lines all the way around the egg to make a nice oval shape. Follow the center seam of the egg to keep it straight and keep it about 1/2” away from the center seam, with the exception of the top, where you will start to taper it off to achieve the oval shape. You will keep your design inside this oval shape.


Using the pencil trace the bunny from the pattern onto the tracing paper. Once traced cut it

out leaving some excess to tape it down. Lay it on top of the surface and tape it down with a

small piece of painter’s tape. Tape it so that you can fold your pattern back if need be. Hold it in place the best you can. You may have to shift the pattern to one side or the other at the

bottom in order to keep everything lined up. Slide a piece of transfer paper underneath the

design and trace the outlines of the design with your pencil or stylus. Be sure you have placed the correct side of the transfer paper down. Trace as many lines as you can. Finish

connecting any lines with the pencil, that you weren’t able to transfer. Transfer the main parts

of the design only. See the reference photo below to see how I hold the tracing paper in place.


Base coat the head and hands in Burnt Umber using the #2 round until you have a good

coverage. Once dry, add some wispy hair with some thinned Burnt Umber using the #2 round and the #20/0 script liner until you have good coverage. Brush the hair in the direction you want the hair to lay. Add some highlights in some thinned Pebble. Add the inside of the ears in Carousel Pink. Add the shirt in Lavender using the #6 filbert until you have good coverage. Add the bow in Cadmium Yellow using the #2 round until you have good coverage. Add the stripes on the shirt in some thinned Cadmium Yellow. Add the eyes in Titanium White and dot in the pupils in Lamp black with the opposite end of a small brush, or stylus. Allow to dry and add a small dot for the highlight in Titanium White in the same manner. Add the nose in Carousel Pink using the #2 round and a highlight on the left side in Titanium White. Add the whiskers in some thinned Titanium White using the #20/0 script liner.


Dot in the flowers using the end of a small brush or stylus in Lavender starting at the top and

working all the way around the oval shape. Allow to dry and add the leaves in Green Tea until you are satisfied using the #2 round.


Outline the nose, the shirt, and the bow, including the wrinkle lines on the bow, the hands, and the leaves on the ring of flowers, and add the mouth using the #03 Micron pen.


Base coat the pink egg using the 3/4” angle brush in Carousel Pink. Repeat until you have

good coverage and allow to dry.


Add the flower pattern at the top and bottom using the #2 round in Lavender until you have

good coverage. Once dry add the checkered pattern on the petals using some thinned

Titanium White with the #20/0 script liner. Outline all of the petals in Titanium White using the #2 round.


Add the blue and white dots using the end of a small brush or small stylus, simply dotting them in. Add the blue dots in Peacock Teal and the white dots in Titanium White.


Add the yellow Xs using the #2 round in Cadmium yellow until you have good coverage.


Outline the x’s, using the #03 micron pen.


Spray the entire egg in a light coat of the matte clear finish sealer. Read the instructions on the back of the can for proper use. Never spray indoors or where there is no proper ventilation.


©2022-23 Phyllis Spaw Designs

Due to a problem with the original PDF file in order to save, you need to copy/paste the wording and 'save as' on all the photos.

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